Hi, I’m Tim Watson.
EOS Implementer.

Tim Watson - EOS Implementer in the UK and beyond

Tim Watson – EOS® Implementer and founder at Traction Six, based in the UK.

I have extensive leadership experience and years of hands on experience running on EOS®. I’ve lead and managed teams in Director positions of IT development, Operations and Marketing.

In 2004 I was approached by a friend to join the board of a start-up. The business grew quickly and sold for close to £2m. Following a period of working with the acquiring company I left and started a consultancy business. Trading profitablilty for many years.

In 2016 the founder of a business in the US, with whom I’d previously worked, asked me to fill his Director of Marketing seat – which I did on a fractional basis. At that time, I started a journey with that company to implement EOS®. The company grew 54% to revenue of $10m by 2019. The change EOS made in the company’s ability to execute was dramatic.

I found EOS® to be a complete and very practical system for helping any business achieve it’s vision. The missing piece of many organizations.

Having experienced first hand the excellent results of EOS I saw the opportunity to help many businesses. I joined the EOS® community and have devoted my time to work as EOS implementer helping business owners get what they want. Removing the pain and dysfunction with which many organizations struggle.

Contact me by phone or email to find out how I can help you with EOS®